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The Global Supply Chain Managers

We are recognised as an one-stop sourcing supply chain service provider with tested, strong and reliable capabilities all over the world. We source, oversee production and deliver goods for global apparel and sporting goods markets.

An integrated supply-chain system across 10 countries

TLA Group provides comprehensive business solutions at all stages of the supply chain by leveraging onto our extensive network of global resources.

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We aspire to help our customers by building value and relevance into their products. This is achieved through our extensive and holistic list of business solutions that are aligned specifically to each and every one of our business partners. – We offer services from design, product development, quality control, social compliance, shipping, documentation control to final delivery.

By continuously refining our business processes in tandem with changing business conditions, we strive to ensure our value proposition to all our partners. This practice differentiates TLA Group from other companies. This is how we have built our lasting relationships with our partners throughout the years.


Sustainability Within
the Current Fashion

We recognise sustainability as a quinessential component in this industry. By putting focus on environmental and social governance, we integrate sustainability as part of our business strategy and planning. We strive to promote sustainability efforts within the current ecosystem and communities.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Safe workplaces

Human rights

Environmental - Friendliness


Engaging Our People

Engaging our inclusive
& diverse global workforce

Enhancing the wellbeing
of our people

Attracting &
developing talent

Managing Our Footprint

Resource Management

Sustainable Design

Environmental Awareness

Engaging Our Communities



Health & Wellbeing


The Efficient 3D Virtual Technology

By leveraging on our network of industry partners and in-house teams of designers, we are able to provide up-to-date trends and design services for our valued clients. In addition, the company adopts 3D virtual technology to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.

Speeds Up your Product Development Process by 30-40%

Average Industry : 40-47 weeks
Tex Line Associates : 28-33 weeks


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