I am Mohammad Mahbub Hossain,
Senior Manager of  the Merchandising Division in Tex-Ebo International Ltd.

Joining the company in 2006, I was given the role of a Merchandiser – part of a humble team of 8 at that time. In recognition of my extensive 15 years of diligence and service to the company, I have since been given the responsibilities of my current position, Senior Manager. 

As the Senior Manager, I continuously strive to augment the business volume, enhancing the core financial strength and growth for the company. In addition, the formulation of marketing strategies;  exploring up and coming markets, promoting new products using novel idea to rejuvenate the existing products, are but some of the things i do as part of my contribution to the company. 

Within the years of my service in Tex- Ebo, I have introduced a Product Development Department, which markets our distinctive knitted fabric products from Tex – Ebo Shao Xing, China, to our bangladeshi Clients. Furthermore, over the last decade, my team and i have been able to successfully consolidate and fortify our positions within the Spanish and Polish markets.

Bringing forth a trustworthy image to our clients while being able to negotiate with tact and skills, closing deals in jovial agreements – all while safeguarding the company’s interests are of paramount importance to me as a Senior Manager.

I now work with four (4) Teams of 22 Merchandisers 9 QCs.

As a Team Leader, I’m entrusted with the responsibilities of negotiating and confirming orders, assigning tasks to these Teams, overseeing their activities and support them where necessary, in achieving swift results and perfection of their assigned tasks.

‘Last but not the least’, I have always believed in the fact that our clients’ are the utmost importance aspect within my job. They are the purpose of all our activities here in Team Sfera. So, their satisfaction is the key to the success of the Company. I have also always believed in the ‘Team Work’. 

“Espirit de Corps” is the key to success of all ventures of any Organization.